Jean Charles Lavigne Delville  

Jean-Charles Lavigne Delville

Chairman and founder
Jean-Charles Lavigne Delville, a French National, is a farm engineer who graduated from the INAPG (National Institute of Agronomics) in Paris. After working almost ten years with Roussel-Uclaf in the Crop Protection sector in France, India and Spain, Jean-Charles enrolled in a short-term management program at INSEAD (Fontainebleau) and, for the last twenty years, has dedicated himself to environmental protection with a special focus on the development and operation of projects related to waste management and energy sectors. His experience includes upper management responsibilities within large French utility companies such as Veolia and Séché Environnement.
Antoine de Marliave  

Antoine de Marliave

Upon graduating from ESLSCA, Antoine began his career at Bacot Allain Warburg in the derivative markets departments before joining the private equity and corporate finance departments at KBC Bank Insurance Group. He subsequently participated in the creation and development of Eolfi Asset Management, a company within the Véolia Environment group, specializing in wind and photovoltaic electricity infrastructure. He contributed to the €230 million equity fundraising round, allowing for the financing of more than €900 million of assets. Prior to joining Altergie, Antoine worked for Atlante Gestion, participating in establishment and financing of the FCPI France Infrastructures which is dedicated to financing projects and asset refinancing.
Majid Virjee  

Majid Virjee

International development
Upon graduating from EDHEC (France) with a degree in business administration, Majid joined the banking sector in Paris , where he first participated in the financing of French exports towards Africa, the Middle East and Southern Asia prior to becoming the head ofthe credit department in 1988. He then became the managing director of an industrial holding (IPS) in Central Africa where in addition to the management of the existing units in operation, he was in charge of developing new investments in infrastructure, energy and telecommunications, and other industries including cement and pharmaceuticals. In 2009, he joined the microfinance agency AKAM in Geneva where he focused on the identification of needs and improvement of services in the areas of education and health in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Following this he started consultancy services in France. Throughout his career, Majid has served as President of various institutions. His natural leadership qualities combined with his network enable him to assist companies in the development of industrial, commercial and financial activities in emerging regions and countries.
Aleth Robin  

Aleth Robin

Partnership with Local Authorities
Following a first degree in economics, Aleth began working as a teacher in undergraduate and then graduate education. She subsequently dedicated herself for nearly ten years to providing organizational and restructuring support to SMEs and independent professionals facing difficulties. Having lived for the past fifteen years in the Gard department in the South of France, she became increasingly involved in local politics, and served a six year term as mayor of her village. Moved by environmental protection challenges, local development issues and the future of rural communities, Aleth initiated within her village the single largest photovoltaïc park in the Gard department. Since November 2015, she wishes through her collaboration with Altergie ,to use her skills and knowledge of how local authorities operate to continue fostering new developments within this sector, creating value for local communities alongside environmental protection.

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