presentationThe increasing scarcity of fossil fuels in relation to the continuous growth of the world population and its energy needs iswidely recognized at all levels : politicians, businessmen and the general public all agree that we now have to act “differently” or « alternatively ».

Altergie wants to be part of this change through the implementation of alternative energy solutions : production of renewable energies, reduction of energy consumption and promotion of energy recovery.

The company’s mission and philosophy is to use renewable energies as a way of fostering growth and local development.

Its core activity is solar energy and its initial main expertise is the development and management of ground mounted solar plants in France and in those countries where solar electricity is already competitive with traditional sources.

In accordance with these strategic objectives and values, Altergie is increasingly interested in :

  • roof mounted solar plants in France
  • issues related to the lack of electricity access in developing countries, mainly through solar and pico-hydro projects.


Altergie Développement

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