Solar projects development

The performance of a solar plant is highly dependent on decisions made at the early conception stage. Fully aware of these stakes, Altergie has expertise across all of the development phases:

  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Site selection and land control
  • Compatibility with urban planning regulations and zoning laws
  • Environmental studies
  • Technical studies
  • Production assessment
  • Grid connexion
  • Legal and financial structuring

Altergie’s actions seek to optimize the technical, financial and environmental performances of all its solar plants developed over the long term.

The local dimensions of the projects are deemed priorities and crucial,for example through partnerships with local authorities, in order to include renewable and decentralized energy production within broader objectives such as: improving public resources, contributing to, environmental management, restoration of agricultural practices, etc…

Altergie ensures the coordination of all stakeholders and acts either for its own account or on behalf of third party clients.

Initially focusing on large ground mounted plants, Altergie now develops and operates, in partnership with SOLENVI, roof mounted solar plants, mainly in the Greater West of France.

Altergie Développement

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