Photovoltaic energy production

Altergie  is a player in the energy  transition sector, as a producer of clean and decentralized electricity.

The company maintains  control over the design of the photovoltaïc plants it owns and outsources  their construction  and maintenance to specialized companies through specific contracts.

Construction and maintenance of roof mounted plants are operated by SOLEWA , a subsidiary of SOLENVI.

Altergie oversees the follow-up and operational reporting of the plants, as well as their legal, accounting and financial management.

It acts both on its account or on behalf of third party investors who wish to benefit from its expertise to ensure the operational management of their own solar facilities.

In order to increase its own production capacity, Altergie analyzes all partnership proposals or redemptions of all on the ground of roof-based solar power plants whose characteristics correspond to its values.

Altergie Développement

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